Animals need your urgent help


Did you always dream to help the most vulnerable animals?

You’re in the right place



We are the first and only veterinary social enterprise in Romania and within this campaign you can donate any amount, once or monthly for any period, for major veterinary emergencies that arrive at the Sache clinic.

We treat stray animals and animals belonging to vulnerable families free of charge.

You can bring any animal in a bad condition and we will treat him, and do everything we can for him.

If you also know people who cannot afford to go to the vet but have a sick animal, you can send thm to us.

Otherwise, the prices in the clinic are social, for the rest of the categories, and they support the free program. The medical team has experience with complex cases and has high-performance equipment.

Sometimes we are overwhelmed with cases and costs, but the animals don’t need to know that. That’s why it’s important that many good people come together and contribute a little, because animals in Romania need help more than ever.

We offer that chance that animals don’t even hope to get anymore, and the happiness of a rescued animal is worth all the effort.

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Give for animal’s security, health and love

We constantly receive cases of heartbreaking cruelty or neglect, but the life of these lucky ones in the last hundred meters completely changes once they reach Sache. Be part of the mission, every contribution counts!

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We believe that every moment of an animal’s life counts; unfortunately, the best life begins for most only after they arrive half-alive, physically and mentally, in our clinic.
Become part of the community that takes the first steps in veterinary social medicine in Romania! All the efforts of people in the last decades must be concentrated in veterinary social medicine available nationally through the authorities, but until then, we are only a few and you can become one of us!


Call the police whenever you see cruelty or neglect that endangers the lives of animals, even if you see it online! The Romanian Laws for protecting animals are OUG 175/2020 and law 205/2004.

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