Sache's story


The Start

Sache was born as a concept, a prototype that combined two great loves: love for people and love for animals.

Sache wants to become a refuge, a sanctuary, an answer, an institution of education and evolution, continuous development and rescue, both for the animals that need us and for people and society.


How Have We Helped?

Sache began its existence as a small, rural social veterinary practice. We have developed this type of office through partnerships with local authorities, through partnerships with international NGOs and we have expanded our field and area of activity.

Thus, in the 5 years of existence, we sterilized 41,239 animals throughout the country. Our caravan led the team to all corners of the country.

We have offered medical assistance to 13.776 animal owners with low or no income.



We have created 12 jobs and through our activity we have managed to inspire tens others, including the opening of 2 other local vet clinics.

Sache has become what we always hoped for : an inspiration, a social enterprise, a mission : making life better and more beautiful, meaningful, for the animals and people that need us.

Echipa Sache

Andreea Conicescu

Vet MD

Search in your dictionary the words ambition and perseverance and you will obtain the image of this amazing person. Connoisseur of the human spirit, good pedagogue, exceptional veterinarian. Resilience and passion are other words that must be sought to define her. With over 10 years of experience in veterinary medicine, Andreea Conicescu is a source of inspiration, a very good professional, with a rare tenderness towards animals.

Bogdan Gheorghe

Vet Tech

Bogdan is one of the newest members of our team. He is proactive and eager to learn, brave and overcomes what comes in front of him. He is amazingly passionate in history . Student in one of the final years of Veterinary Medicine, guided by strong values and moral compass, he will become one of the best vets this generation gave.

Laura Fincu

Founder & CEO

The implementer or "the one who makes things happen". Fundraiser, philologist, communicator, trained in philosophy. The "gatekeeper" of Sache's vision.

Mother of SACHE, the dog that started it all

The person for whom "sky is the limit" and the one who, through the passion and perseverance with which she does everything with , enlivens every corner.

Marius Nicu

Vet MD

Exceptional veterinarian, specialized in orthopedics, soft tissue surgery and anesthesia. Master in soft tissue surgery. Inventor, electrician, engineer in his spare time. Multitalented. Genius. A realistic dreamer. The man that has all the answers. team leader, mentor. With an experience of over 11 years in veterinary practice, ambition and exceptional self-improvement talents.

Tiberiu Enache

Vet Tech

Tiberiu grew up with Sache, being with us since 2017, when he was only 17 years old. He and Sache grew up together. His love for animals eventually led him, after years of searching, to Veterinary Medicine, where he is currently a student, practicing everything he learns at school, in the office. A brilliant career awaits Tiberiu.