organization based in Switzerland, our main partner for: sterilizations, joint projects, including mobile veterinary clinic, NetAP is the longest-lived and most massive partner in terms of sterilization campaigns we carry out. At the same time, they are the first organization to lay the foundations of the veterinary hospital, offering the land on which it will be established.


our main partner for adoptions abroad, animal rehabilitation. also one of the partners for Sache Social Veterinary Hospital.

TsV Neuss

very dear organization, which always helps us by offering food, medicine and a lot of love.

Die futterbotten

A very beautiful organization, founded in Finland, by a group of strong and fighting women. Sponsor our free sterilization campaigns and dear friends:


An extraordinary partner, the last to join our fight to combat the suffering of stray animals and to promote animal rights education and sustainable development.


partner organization that answers our calls for help whenever needed.

Frieden Fur Pfoten

Organization actively involved in free sterilization campaigns in Tunari.

Streuner Blicke

Important partner for free sterilization campaigns

Tierhilfsnetzverk Europa

long-term partners with a massive involvement in the situation of street animals in Onesti