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 80% of the families with dogs in Romania cannot afford to ensure primary veterinary care

0% of the stray animals can afford to receive veterinary care

Animals from Romania live their darkest dreams. The strays live all in hell, while those who have a house rarely have a home. 80% of the families cannot afford to offer them proper medical care, while the rescue community is overwhelmed with the out of control overpopulation and extreme cruelty.  

We build the first Social Veterinary Hospital, where every animal has a chance, be him stray or from a loving, vulnerable family.

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Although in Romania every street, forest and field is packed with generations of animals in needd of help, there is no official service which can treat them them. Rescuers do tremendous efforts, which are never enough, but what should nobody’s animals do, or animals coming from the most vulnerable families?

We can change this trauma that follows every animal lover who comes across Romania’s management of companion animals.

We build the first Social Veterinary Hospital: a chance for life for every animal

Sache is the story of every animal in need that changes the world: a 1 kg puppy being thrown out in the rain for crying ends up entirely in gypsum and makes the entire generation of campus students where he lived aware of the help animals need or of the importance of not doing harm, if you cannot do good. 

The need for the Hospital is immense. Thousands of animals die daily in great suffering because they do not have access to social veterinary services. Be there for them. 



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What is a Social Veterinary Hospital?

Sache treats nobody’s animals for free, as well as animals coming from vulnerable families. For the rest, he still offers social prices, and more than 90% of the earnings go back to the mission and the social programme.

At Sache, you can bring for free any animal in need. You also make a good deed and treat an animal in need just by coming with your own animal in our venue. 

But we depend on you to finish the hospital.

We still need 120 000 euro to finish the construction, after we bought the land, the materials and already made the foundation and equipment aqusitions. 

Donate any amount today and BECOME A FOUNDER FOR ANIMALS!

Imagine how is it like to be alone and in pain, and have no one to tell.
Imagine how is it to see suffering and cannot help, but know it can be helped.


 Thank you!


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