Outraged by the situation of stray animals in Romania? Furious? Painful? Powerless?

Take Action! Get involved, act!


It is the simplest way to transform revolt, empathy, helplessness, grief, despair into change! Through action!

In order for them to stop suffering, you have to do something. You can start here:

 Sache has countless animal welfare programs: from free sterilization campaigns to free or low cost treatment for no stray animals, various and specialized medical services - surgery, orthopedics, blood tests, etc., to education and awareness campaigns, to campaigns education of young people, students, effective construction, accommodation for these animals, rescue and rehabilitation actions, etc.

You can choose a project you believe in and become its actual perpetrator, by donation., Involvement, action!

 We are for a short time in this world, nature, community; let's make the most of it and make this time count: by changing, improving the current reality. By action, not resignation.

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You can donate the income tax, 3.5% by filling in the online form here:, or by downloading this form from the site and sending it completed to our address. We take care of the rest. Thank you, sau prin descarcarea acestui formular de pe site si trimiterea acestuia completat la adresa noastra. Ne ocupam noi de restul. Multumim


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