Free sterilization campaigns

SACHE's social mission is to reduce the number of stray, lonely animals on the streets, to reduce their suffering implicitly, to come to the aid of owners of quadrupeds who do not have the necessary financial means to be able to help themselves, both themselves and the animals they own.

During the 5 years of activity, the SACHE team sterilized over 41,000 animals, over 60% of them in free sterilization campaigns throughout the country.

Our caravan - the SACHE mobile clinic - travels around the country, within the free sterilization campaigns organized and sterilizes stray animals.

Sterilization is the only humane, sustainable, effective method, proven by countless rigorous studies, to reduce and control the canine and feline overpopulation. Only through sustained, constant free sterilization campaigns can the desolate aspect dramatically change in some communities where both humans and animals feel "terrorized" by each other.

Our adjacent goal is to educate the population about the importance of sterilization, both socially and medically. We come as a response to a need, this is our social mission. To help, to shelter, to protect, to take care of.

 Sterilization of common breed dogs is mandatory by Law: 258/2014

Failure to comply with the law is punishable by a fine.

Latest free sterilization campaigns:

Ultimele campanii de sterilizare gratuita : LINK ( legat de fb)


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