"People don’t have ideas, ideas have people" - Carl Jung

Sache is a real character who gathered a hardworking, professional, enthusiastic team, determined to give meaning to their work, under the umbrella of an economic project, sustainable and anchored in social reality. 

We are a social entrepreneurship project, a low cost veterinary clinic, an animal rehabilitation center, an education and performance center. An idea. 

What we call "effective altruism", "social mission", "social responsibility", "social enterprise", are no longer idealistic terms, but here they met with science, with veterinary medicine and created a special, efficient organism. an organism that is economically and socially sustainable. Sustainable and necessary. 

We hope you become our partners, knowing how much you value innovation, evolution, development, knowing how many contributions to the creation of a more conscious, more involved, independent, mature society.

Thank you for everything you have achieved, everything you have made a reality, thank you for being pioneers and asking you to join us in a social endeavor that will open its yield, new paths.


Our rescue owns several housing facilities:

3 cat houses, including houses for fiv cats only, pif cats only ,as well as healthy cats. We have 10 paddocks for the most vulnerable angels that need housing.

Over the years we have managed to rescue, rehabilitate in cooperation with our vet clinic and rehome, over 200 animals each year. Some of our animals are long term or forever housed in our home, due to severe injuries that are chronical and unable to find suitable homes with non stop veterinary care.

 Pentru astfel de animale pe termen lung căutăm eroi adevărați care să ne ajute să le îngrijim. Aceasta înseamnă o nașă sau naș pe termen lung, adoptatori de la distanta  pentru ei 🙂

Vă rugăm să ii verificați în secțiunea „Rezidenți permanenți” și să ne trimiteți un mesaj dacă decideți să adoptați de la distanță pe oricare dintre ei 🙂

Acest ajutor este nepretuit. 


Strada Liliacului 7, Tărtășești 137435


+40 742 929 006