I recently met Aunt Ana and Țuca in a free sterilization campaign organized by us, at Sache Foundation. It's just one of the stories that always thrills us, especially in communities where only grandparents live. The elder and their animals.

    The young people went to work abroad or in the big cities, the grandparents were left with a longing and a furry soul that they take care of and for which they wake up in the morning.

    For over 5 years our medical teams from Sache Vet arrive in small villages, forgotten by the world, in order to spay for free the animals with owners, the strays that are living from one day to anotherWe talk a lot with the locals, we explain to them every time that a dog or a spayed cat will stay with them longer and reduce the risk of developing serious and expensive diseases. And people come with their dear furs in their arms, in their nets or in their blankets and wait patiently for the rescue intervention.

    over 45,000 animals have been sterilized by Sache Vet teams nationwide for free in the last 5 years. We don't stop here. In the commune of Tărtășești in Dâmbovița County, we are building the first social veterinary hospital in our country, so that no animal in the area will suffer if its owner does not allow an investigation or a veterinary intervention. We need the support of your company to found this hospital.

The help we ask for does not involve any additional cost. The sponsorship law allows companies to direct to charities up to 20% of the profit / income tax due to the state or up to 0.75% of turnover. *( For Romanian Companies )

    Together with the Sache Association, you can save the lives of thousands of animals and their owners.

We help in one soul every soul !

With gratitude, Yours truly,


Laura Fincu,

CEO Sache Foundation

sachefoundation@gmail.com / 0742 929 006


According to the Fiscal Code, you can sponsor the Sache Association registered in the Register of cult entities / units with registration number 41211994, for which tax reductions are granted, according to Law no. 32/1994, as subsequently amended and supplemented, both if you represent a corporation that pays corporate tax and if you represent a micro-enterprise, if you do so by December 31, 2022, under a sponsorship agreement , so:

If you are a company

who pays profit tax, the amounts related to sponsorships are deducted from the profit tax due at the level of the minimum value between the following: 0.75% of the turnover, respectively 20% of the profit tax due.

We are at your disposal with additional information on the procedure for directing 20% of the profit tax.

You can contact us at : sachefoundation@gmail.com

If you are a micro company

you can sponsor the Sache Association according to the law. The amounts related to sponsorships are deducted from the income tax due for the fourth quarter, up to the value level representing 20% of the income tax due for this quarter. Please keep us in mind in the coming quarters.

Download the contract here, complete it and send it to the email address sachefoundation@gmail.com