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The desperate situation of animals and vulnerable people in Romania is getting worse every day. Hard times are ahead for everyone, but what about those who have always been the most marginalized by society?

80% of the nation's pet families cannot afford proper veterinary care for their animals, with costs rising and unaffordable even for middle-income families.

As for the animals on the street, 0% can afford to go to the vet. There are extremely few lucky ones who meet savers, most dramas are unknown, every day, in every corner of the world.

That's why Sache's mission has turned into the chance every vulnerable animal needs: we treat any animal without a family or from a vulnerable family free of charge. The need is overwhelming. We are the first and only veterinary social enterprise in Romania.

Everything started 8 years ago when Sache was intentionally mutilated and at only two months old he was completely in a cast with only his  little nose out. The Sache Vet Clinic has treated and sterilized tens of thousands of animals, thus contributing significantly to increasing the quality of life of people and animals in Romania and to an adequate management of the dog population.


Because the state does not provide such services, on the contrary, it seems to maintain the context that leads to such a great need, and because we are the only veterinary social enterprise in the country, the need has grown at an extremely accelerated pace. In 2018, we had to decide to build the first social veterinary hospital in Romania.

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We are the first and only social veterinary social enterprise in the country. 90% of clinic and hospital profits are invested back into the cause and the rest into improvements. The Sache Veterinary Hospital offers free veterinary care for stray animals and animals from vulnerable families, as well as veterinary care at social prices for the rest of the animals, to support the social program.

In other words, you can bring any injured animal to us without paying anything.

At the same time, every time you treat your animal at SACHE or buy from the hospital pharmacy, you are also treating a less fortunate animal.

But your help is vital to finish the construction of the hospital. The space we currently have has long since become too small for the great need. We moved forward with the help of good people like you, who know they are the animals' only chance: we bought the space, made the foundation, and began construction.

We will have two separate receptions, for puppies and cats, 2 consulting rooms, 2 admission rooms - dogs and cats, a laboratory, a radiology room, a pre- and post-operative hall, a surgery room with 6 tables, a training center , changing rooms, kitchen and other administrative annexes.

We still need 120,000 euros to complete the hospital for all the animals. Every contribution counts, whether it's an individual donation or a monthly donation of any value. You can stop your monthly donation at any time by emailing or texting us, no questions asked.


It will be your hospital too! You will become an honorary founding member, and your name will be engraved on the Wing of Gratitude, if you wish, along with all the good people who have come together to lend a helping hand with long-term impact.

When many good people come together and contribute a little, something big happens.

There will also be a training center within the hospital, because we want to train as many animal specialists as possible in different fields of animal protection. The need is immense, but the more of us will be, the more of it we can cover.


Think about what it's like to be alone and have no one to tell that you're hurting.

Imagine what it's like to love and not be able to help, when you see suffering and know that it can be treated.

We deal with the most diverse cases - from the simplest injuries that wreaked havoc left untreated, to hard diagnoses that require complex care and investigations. The satisfaction that every life matters as much helps us move forward every day, with the help of good people like you by our side.

The last hundred meters seem to be the most difficult. Every contribution counts tremendously now that we have little left and can greatly expand the ability to help every animal in need.

We welcome you to visit us at any time to see the miracle with your own eyes, to tell more stories and to meet the lucky patients, always eager for love.


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We only have a few more steps to complete the project and to the plan in the pictures below. We'll be back soon with even more pictures and news of the hospital's progress.

Monthly donations help us forecast our activity and progress. You can opt out of donating any value by sending us a message, no questions asked, at any time.

Please, do not remain indifferent and make this investment in the protection of vulnerable animals in Romania, because they have no one but us, the few, who care.

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In the name of the helpless, thank you!